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Solution To Eliminate Natural Mouth Odor

Bad breath or halitosis bad taste can be caused by many multiform things. Although diverse, the study pointed out that 80 prosen bad breath is caused by there is the question of fitness against teeth and mouth cavities, or question of the gums. Because of that, by keeping the mouth and teeth of fitness so important a matter.
Causes Of Bad Breath
Bad breath is not just fitness problems caused by the teeth, gums and the pungent-smelling food. In addition, the smell of the mouth can be due to smoking, including a lack of oral hygiene, food or beverages, and excessive dieting so lack of carbohydrates.
If you've ever tried the fitness and feeling mouth and teeth but nonetheless smell is not lost, it is not possible never hurts to try some way below the more so in the past.
How to treat bad breath naturally i.e. together with the way below

1. Cinnamon
Cinnamon smell so delicious have accordingly made for the sweetener and Food flavorings. Because it smells delicious, cinnamon include can be utilized as a deodorizing mouth. The trick is to boil along with cinnamon along with along with tea. Drinking twice seahri on a regular basis.

2. Consume Pears
In addition to give freshness due to a lot of moisture in it, consuming pears can be used as a fire retardant include bad breath. The reason is the texture of hard pears can be used as cleaner teeth from a variety of different kinds of food and fiber foods that slip in the gap tooth.

3. Lemon juice
You can use lemon juice to get rid of bad breath. The trick is to prepare a clean water, and then mix together with the juice of lemon water (2 lemons). Use it to gargle twice a day. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, so can water perasannya can be used to prevent various germs and bacteria get into the body.
Vitamin C against lemon including can boost the immune system. The immune system increases can be caused of germs and bacteria that killed by the antibodies are substances owned by body

4. Salt water
Iodine against salt is not just can be beneficial as a reliever of diarrhea, but includes can be used to get rid of bad breath. The trick is to mix the salt in water, mix well and kumurlah regularly utilizing the salt water.

5. Chew on Rice
How to get rid of bad breath can naturally along with chewing rice. You can take advantage of a handful of rice to eat. Do not be swallowed, but you need to get rid of the cud of rice. Content in rice believed to get rid of germs and bacteria the cause of bad breath

6. Black coffee
Black coffee is included can be used to get rid of bad breath naturally. Content in black coffee can neutralize bad breath and kill various kinds of germs and bacteria the cause of bad breath. You can chew as much as sekepalan of pure black coffee. But unless you are unable to do so, you can brew black coffee next along with utilizing a teaspoon of sugar.
7. Sweetened condensed milk
Sweetened condensed milk including beneficial to get rid of bad breath. The content of vitamin, calcium and minerals are available in the sweetened condensed milk then skyrocket your bad breath is lost.

8. Rinse out
How to get rid of bad breath is not tasty can be run along with the gargle. It is because, pas gargle can rule out and get rid of germs and bacteria in the mouth, though it was not as effective as along with brush your teeth. If you've exhausted eating food that tasted sweet and result in bad breath and you are away from home, you can do a rinse to neutralize odors due to eating food.

9. Limit Alcohol
Satisfied people drank alcoholic beverages including can have bad breath that doesn't taste good. It is because the chemical content in alcohol can further result in bad breath. Bad breath alcohol drinkers generally is the smell of alcohol beverages are depleted diminumnya, but gradually the dangers alcohol can further change so the stench.

10. Stew the betel leaf
During this betel leaf just known as drugs of various kinds of issues of femininity. But who would have thought except the decoction of betel leaf included can be used as a deodorizing mouth. Decoction of betel leaf intangible antiseptic. Antiseptic properties can then kill germs and bacteria the cause of bad breath.
The trick is having the toothbrush you can make a stew betel leaves as a mouthwash. After brushing my teeth and gargle utilizing clean water, you can gargle again utilizing the decoction of betel leaf.

11. Green tea
Consuming a cup of green tea each morning can handle bad breath. It is because in the rich green tea can be a useful atioksidan in killing germs, bacteria and substances cause bad breath.

12. Visit the doctor
If you really want to get rid of your bad breath, you can consult a doctor. The doctor may add a solution how to get rid of bad breath. But unless no physical checking of success can be run more on dental members. If found abnormalities and diseases against yourself, the doctor may add a new solution based on the cause. Visit a doctor needs to be run for six months.

13. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the Braces
Braces (Stirrup) is a trend in the community, not just the teens-only hobbies make use braces. Much of the mothers that utilizes the Stirrup or braces. Stirrup is beneficial to maintain the neatness of the tooth and is available that serve as the sheer trend. Whether any purpose of mounting braces should always note in terms of the cleanliness of the braces. Braces are not taken care of cleanliness for susceptible to be exposed to the rest of the food, so that the braces can thus incur further development of germs and bacteria
If many bacteria and germs in the mouth, the mouth can so smell. By then, because look at the cleanliness of the braces is the way to deal with bad breath. How to clean it can be scrubbed thoroughly braces members thereafter once a month to perform a check on a dentist.

14. avoid Sweet Candy
The content of sugar available in candy can skyrocket the incidence of germs and bacteria in the mouth. A result is a person who love to consume sweet candies can be easily exposed to various kinds of diseases of the teeth. Causes of toothache that attack in the mouth, can incur the occurrence of bad breath.
That's because by avoid consuming sweet candy really a lot. After consuming sweets we recommend you immediately gargle or put your toothbrush.

15. Galangal
Galangal is not the correct one medicinal plant families that can be used as a deodorizing mouth. The cuisine is given a fresh galangal can taste good and fragrant. Scent of galangal includes can be used to get rid of bad breath. The trick is to boil along with galangal and drinking rebusannya.

16. Consume Yogurt
Yogurt is not the correct one food that can create good bacteria and kill the bad bacteria. Consume yogurt on a regular basis can be used to prevent and get rid of bad breath.

17. Galingale
Kaempferia galanga ought to have the content of essential oil. Essential oils can then get rid of the smell of the mouth in the mouth. The trick is to boil along with 5 grams of kencur blended together with 15 grams of betel leaf. Strain and after rebusannya drinking water on a regular basis.

In addition to the above, some of the ways You can take advantage of deodorizing liquid gargle the mouth. But generally it's just a liquid can get rid of bad breath temporarily. Consult Your doctor to gargle fluid what pas and can kill germs cause of bad breath is not.
Most of the problems are indeed caused by the mouth there is the fitness of oral problems because there is bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the fitness gear and stay away from mouth to mouth smell unpleasant. If you experience bad breath caused by some specific diseases, and having to perform some way above the bad breath does not include lost, we recommend that you consult the subject next to doctors and dentists.

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