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Powerful Ways to Treat Dry Cough With Natural Remedy

The somewhat dry cough cough phlegm so together is not the same. The dry stone was not removing the phlegm is disgusting to others, but the dried stones account for no less dangerous cough phlegm so together. In fact, dry cough that is not accompanied by mucus in throat could make in irritation and bleeding. Causes of dry cough

This cough is usually caused by some subject as follows:

1. Respiratory tract infections
Infections of the respiratory tract against could make dry cough, ordinary dry cough lasts when exhausted or choke when members of the respiratory virus-infected or smoke-smoke either smoked or smoke pollution, caused because of the cigarette smoke. The respiratory tract is indeed to be kept together well, not to cause a lot of other diseasesagainst respiratory tract. Respiratory tract infections could make any shortness of breath that can make difficult in carrying out breathing, and certainly this subject can penetrate the bustle in the carrying out of all things or in completing the task. Keep indeed should be counted against choosing a healthy environment or use a mask while traveling in order not to be exposed to pollution.

2. Allergic reaction
Allergy could make dry cough appears. Many allergies that make dry cough especially allergic to the cold, usually one who have this cold allergy can often sneeze and cough often cough when subjected to cold, because it was by a cold allergy should have careful and ready standby in overcoming its chill. There are some steps resolve the allergy cold who can afford you implement to eliminate allergy cold you feel at the moment.

3. Food
Unhealthy food is very much like eating food fried foods could make dry cough, the most common food that could make dry cough is toomuch the consumption of fried foods. By because it measure to taste when it was about to eat fried foods, do not eat a lot of fried foods very in order not to experience a dry cough. However as early as possible should be able to implement the healthy life style in order to be able to live more comfortably and safely.

4. Smoking
is not good, it has been a lot of talk about the dangers of smoking so that smoking is indeed should be avoided. By celestial that smoking should be avoided so as not to create a dry cough. Both are smoking or inhaling cigarette smoke directly. To avoid it as much as possible breathing in cigarette smoke that are around you, no matter of smoking is unhealthy life style. In addition to smoking so the causes of dry cough, was smoking a cigarette for the danger have counted the heart of man.

5. Dust
or pollution are available against this environment could make the lungs so dirty, when lungs have been dirty, not impossible dry cough can be attacked and struck. By because it uses a mask when desired to cope against places that are dirty and a lot of dust, like when you want to spruce up goods that have long been in the stash.

6. Air pollution
Just as dust, pollution shared Eve uncountable, able called along with dust. Pollution of Eve that is consistent over time was able to cause lung damage and make the lungs so dirty, so that it is able to create a disruption to the lungs and is able to make a dry cough.

Below there are several herbal ingredients that can afford you to make traditional cough to cure cough naturally dry, fast and powerful, among others:

1. Mandarin orange Skin
Mandarin orange skin able you use as a cough is dry. Cough medicine traditional leather mandarin orange is very efficient to cure dry cough naturally. Here's how easy i.e. 10 grams of boiled orange peel mandarin that have dried up, the brothers combine 25 gram Kaempferia galanga which sliced thin. Drink this concoction 2 times a day.

2. Roses
In addition to cough phlegm so rose claims he used to account for dry cough remedies. How to make natural cough medicine herb of the rose i.e. readily  10 grams of roses that remain fresh roses  together using clean water to taste and add the rock sugar to taste drink this concoction 2 times a day.

3. Salt Solution
A dry cough is indeed very inexpensive and easy we get. adequate hard boiled 2 tablespoons salt against two glasses of water. Wait for it to warm up lukewarm and gargle water deception of this salt together 3 times a day.

4. Honey and black pepper
Benefits of Honey is very well-known both for fitness and beauty of one of its benefits is as natural an Antibiotics. Honey and black pepper is a very precise composition for curing stone dry. steps to make a medicinal herb in traditional for cough dry cough is easily sufficient, i.e., one tablespoon of honey and a pinch of black pepper powder is stirred together evenly until it resembles syrup. Thus your dry cough medicine along with honey and black pepper syrup it 3 times a day after meals.

5. Vitamin C
Dry cough remedy of vitamin c. Vitamin C helps to keep basically against the to prisoners of the body from the attack of the disease, but Vitamin C as of efficacious cure for dry coughs, to to meet the needs of vitamin C you can afford to get together with a supplement or consume fruit that have vitamin C as oranges, papaya, lemons and other fruits that have vitamin C

7. Ginger
A dry cough is apparently available in the kitchen us, step cure dry cough along with Ginger is very easy IE thin-sliced ginger or adequate at the destroyed and boiled ginger along with clean water 3 cups water until it shrinks so 1 1/5 glass thus combine sugar Red Delicious ginger drink water so drinking this concoction 2 times a day.

8. Almond and honey
How to cure a dry cough along with almond and adequate honey soak almond at least 8 hours then squeeze-squeeze until the epidermis is separated, after separate 99.99% then mashed up very subtle or adequate by blander, after a smooth mix together matching honey taste. Drink this concoction twice a day until your dry cough can subside.

9. Red Onion
not all cough should buy it at the chemist but try together with natural herbs that can afford you to make yourself at home, heal dry cough was able to account for the onion juice mixed together with honey. Or capable of accounting for the onion on roast until half-cooked then squeeze-squeeze onions while diisiair little by little then mix together honey. Drink 3 times a day your dry cough can be dissipated is not felt.

10. Milk and honey
treat dry cough along with milk and honey. Not all the drugs it feels unpleasant or bitter but with you along with the honey-enhanced milk consumption match your taste, your dry cough can get well soon.

11. The consumption of Apple vinegar
is able to be utilized to heal dry cough along with effective, because Apple vinegar can afford adding to the vitamin against throat and make a dry cough to be rather moist, so not so dry anymore, not just that Apple vinegar accounting helps kill the bacteria against the throat.

12. Use lime juice and soy sauce
It is most often are usually fulfilled these together using the given lime juice a little soy sauce then taken for granted, even though it tasted somewhat sour-sweet, wry but lime juice and soy sauce is very potent to cure cough No matter what the type his cough. Usually lime most often used to cope with cough.

13. Use Basil
In addition to the betel leaf, was able to also use basil leaves, basil leaves is able to utilized along the steps boil 7 sheets together basil leaves 3 cups of water then drink it regularly.

That's some recipes of natural stone is able to cure the disease of the throat is dry.

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