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Natural Ways To Treat Kidney Disease

It must be known that the current renal disease can not be cured from the doctor's point of view and the focus comes from most treatments is to prevent and prevent so the disease does not develop rapidly. Treatment is also mostly aimed so that the pain felt by the sufferer subsided. Existing treatment also has an object to bring the impact of the risk of the incidence of complicated disease is reduced.

1. Stop Smoking

Smoking is not just a trigger derived from respiratory infections, especially smoking activities can hurt your kidney organs. Indeed, smoking itself is not directly related to deteriorating kidney fitness, but the decreased function of the kidneys can be due to the influence of smoking in which many harmful chemicals fill the body. Smoking will provide an ugly effect on the previously healthy heart to lose its function, and if this routine continues, the kidneys are the next organ that will be contrived and the ugly benefits and health.

2. Make a Hair Potion Corn, Imperata, and Cat Cats

Apparently corn hair can be a good natural ingredients for the healing of patients with kidney failure if combined with a cat's whiskers and reeds. The trick is also very simple, that is by preparing 1 handful of dense corn hair, then also 11-15 sheets of cat whiskers and roots of reeds that required approximately 3 span. Clean up all subsequent ingredients before processing them into medicinal herbs.

After washing, you can combine 600 ml of water to boil all the useful ingredients. Wait until boiling and remaining only 300 ml. Let it ever take more or less 15 to 30 minutes so the potion is not so hot, then you can drink it. Once consumed 100 ml recommended and you can get maximum results by drinking 3 times a day.

3. Make Potions of Garlic, Lime and Onion Bombay

Most people with kidney failure are completely unavailable because even doctors on most will raise their hands due to relatively small possibility to make a complete recovery of kidney failure. Only, traditional ingredients with 3 natural ingredients that are easy to find this presumably can save your kidney that already severe conditioned.

The way is quite easy and very easy that is enough to provide 3 lime juice, onions 2 cloves only, then a single garlic 11 cloves. Then after you wash it, blend the whole ingredients together, moreover you can function the lime skins and seeds without the obligation to peel and remove the seeds. how to take this herbal medicine is enough to eat before eating 3 × 1 tablespoon each each day will provide the best addition to your kidneys and can also be used as a way to prevent kidney pain.

4. Using the Bread Leaf

It has been observed that the leaves of breadfruit are natural ingredients that can make a recovery of kidney failure without mandatory dialysis patient. Kidney conditions were known to be restored to its original function due to the dose of flavonoids, tannins, and hydrocyanic acid; more riboflavin and aseticolin will also support the recovery of kidney conditions. In addition to kidney, cardiovascular disease and diabetes can be overcome also with this breadfruit leaf.

The trick will not be complicated because you just have to prepare the leaves of breadfruit more than one sheet that you can then wash it first. Furthermore, the leaves can then be boiled with enough water and leave to boil; make sure that in the next water the leaves have been destroyed. Leave more than one moment until very cold, then filtered so that only remaining boiled water only. Drink twice a day (morning and evening after meal) for the best results.

5. Consuming Mahkota Dewa

The god crown has 4 absolute doses to improve body fitness that is also good for how to make a natural kidney failure, namely saponins, alkaloids, polyphenols, and flavonoids. Alkaloids are compounds that can sustain a detoxification system in which toxins will be minimized. Polyphenols are compounds that act as anti allergic and flavonoids have a role as an antioxidant. As for saponins, these compounds are useful anti-bacteria boost the immune system.

By consuming the crown of gods, kidney failure can be prevented and the condition will be contrived to improve. When kidney failure is accompanied by hepatitis B disease and there are also complications of liver or liver disease, the crown of the gods may be the solution. Eat this crown god honey and, the racik crown of the gods, which must also be balanced with tea racik temulawak and tea racik roots of reeds.

6. Take Binahong Leaves

Binahong leaves can be planted by anyone and avail come from this plant is also so extraordinary and efficacious. This creeping plant unless confiscated parts of the leaves will be able to provide additional benefits for the kidney patients to make the condition cured seriously. The trick is not difficult, because you only have to boil approximately 10-15 grams of binahong leaves that remain fresh with 1 glass of water only.

After boiling, cooking water can be drunk directly. Or another way that can be practiced is to brew 1.5 grams of dried binahong leaves by functioning boiling water 1 cup. For the leaf drying system itself, you can enable the oven that reaches 50 degrees Celsius temperature and leave to the remaining 10 percent water. Eating boiled water or boiling leaf binahong a day 3 times before eating will bring a positive effect.

7. Using Leaf Belong Leaf

Some come from you the possibility of rarely hearing the vermilion leaves that more do not know what kind of shape. This leaf can be a natural remedy for patients with renal failure due to the dose of vitamin B2, B1 and vitamin C it; do not forget also the presence of silic acid, phosphorus, ferum, sodium, and calcium substances. How to use it is not difficult because you just need a nasty 5-stalk shell leaves to boil with 4 glasses of water.

Wait until the boiling water is boiling and remaining until 2 cups only. After that, wait so it gets warm before you can drink it. In your kidney fitness treatment, you can get maximum results by drinking each morning and evening each 1 cup. The volume of blood in the kidneys will be increased by the sodium dose, while the acid silat can bind water to the kidneys.

8. Distanced Soft Drinks

Looks like it's common to know that carbonated drinks are not good for kidney fitness, then definitely have soft drinks put into the list of food and beverage taboo. Most cases of early renal failure are derived from the onset of kidney infection in which the patient is very often and consume a lot of soft drinks made from preservatives and chemicals. In the long run continue to consume this style of beverage, the benefits of kidney will eventually be damaged, more so unless the patient does not compensate for consuming sodas with enough water.

9. Consume Garlic

In order for the condition of the kidneys to gradually improve, you can consume garlic extract per day. In addition to contrived by combining ingredients with other natural ingredients, garlic can also be consumed alone or added to your food. However, do not eat very much because there is a danger of raw garlic if eaten in a lot of doses.

10. Eating Olive Oil

Olive oil is already very popular will be a myriad of benefits for health, moreover also apparently very useful to nourish the kidneys. Extremely pure and original olive oil is best because it is rich in antioxidants that you can also use for daily cooking. In the healing system of renal failure, dieting is not true one recommended natural way and olive oil is also the right food source so the diet is successful and the kidneys can heal again.

1 tablespoon olive oil is the right dose, with the dose you will get the best doses for the body, just like a single tired fat, anti-inflammatory fatty acid and oleic acid that will provide additional body support from oxidation. Inflammation and everything that has an unhealthy kidney's effect will be well prevented by the dose of polyphenols inside the oil. In addition to improving the kidneys, the risk of heart disease and cancer can also be reduced.

11. keep Alcoholic Beverages away

The same is the case with consuming soft drinks, drinking alcoholic beverages very often in large quantities and making this routine will result in damage to the kidneys sooner or later. Alcoholic beverages are very useless to the body, and the bad effect will be felt by the consuming people do not consume much water as a counterweight. Diabetes is a disease that will also be able to bring the impact of damaged kidney if consuming alcohol can not be controlled.

Conditions that can be caused by consuming alcohol every day without getting fluid intake comes from enough water is the enlargement of the kidney. When the kidney is enlarged, then automatically avail the normal hormone the body will be affected. Failed kidney failure can run unless not immediately stop this unhealthy routine.

12. Consume Cabbage

Foods that are also friendly to the kidneys, especially those that are carrying out healing kidney failure is a cabbage with a high rate of fitokimianya. This compound is also present in vegetables and other fruits where the task is to keep the body from all forms of free radicals that will sustain the prevention of organ damage. Not only good to maintain the kidneys, heart fitness would be well preserved, even more cancer would be resisted also by phytochemical substances.

Cabbage is not the best source of nutrition, folic acid, vitamin B6, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K. Although cabbage can be purchased at a low price which is also known to have a low potassium dose, the cabbage can be relied upon by patients who fail kidney, heart disease and cancer to support the healing system to be more excellent through diet.

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