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It's Naturaly Ways For Stomach Bloating

Flatulence gas content of time that lasts too excess against the digestive tract, which is against the stomach and intestines. As for the incidence of gas too because this is partly because of excess.
Gas (flatus) produced by the stomach and intestines, is derived from the process of solving the food energy. The waste gas is normally in the stomach were dumped through the process waste a breeze.
But if excess gas is against the stomach or intestines, causing the onset of flatulence, which is often marked along with a lot of belching.
Causes of bloated stomach are most often as the reason Eve who ingested
When a lot of Eve who ingested (including being able to cause the cause using the fan in a long time), then Eve can be through the digestive tract, and is released through the exhaust process a breeze. If the amount is too much, it will be at risk of causing flatulence, capable of causing hiccups and saltpeter.
Some foods cause flatulence, i.e. when consuming dairy products that contain lactose (in excess). So including against most food packaging that many contain lactose like breads, cereals and salad dressings.
Types of vegetables can cause flatulence i.e. Examples include asparagus, broccoli, toge, onions, cauliflower, cucumbers, green peppers, radish, and raw potatoes. There are also against fruits such as bananas, melons, pears, and apples.
In addition, most style drinks like that contain soda, carbonated beverages, beer, and red wine, and don't miss the foods such as fried foods and fatty foods are usually able to cause flatulence , other dangers, if consumed very much able to increase the risk of disease risk such as heart disease, stroke and ' his friends ' fellow of dangerous diseases.

A sense of stress and excess depression too (including the feeling of despair) able to cause a person experience flatulence, that take care of the situation so that the soul forever in good situations.

Flatulence is capable of disrupting the bustle of everyday life, that should be enough to handle the case of flatulence.

How to treat flatulence naturally

1. Consumption of ginger

Ginger is a Spice style that has been fairly well known in the community, where the active substances have ginger, gingerol and shogaols are beneficial to deal with or reduce cases of inflammation in the intestine, by consuming ginger stew is nutritious then water to reduce the amount of stack gas in the small intestine, which was able to defuse the case of flatulence.
Ginger including being able to used as a drink to warm the body, along with a warm body situation, then the body can excrete sweat, this subject gives the additional influence of abdomen so calm and comfortable. avail other i.e. launch the digestion.

2. Food along with probiotics

Probiotic is a style of microorganisms either in the intestines, whose existence is beneficial to help process the process of digestion in the gut in order that smoothly.
So probiotics is beneficial to helping the case of bloating, which is able to reduce the buildup of gas in the small intestine when experiencing stomach bloating. Food source probiotics that are able to be consumed like yogurt.

3. Stay away from carbonated drinks
Fizzy drink is a popular beverage by style usually people, for it is indeed able to banish the thirst and giving extra pleasure more.
However, it should be noted that these drinks are not good enough to work the digestive organs.
Carbonated beverages cause high risk take place a pile of gas inside the body, this subject can be increasingly aggravating situation of flatulence.
Carbonated beverages have deposits of gas, and when the excess stomach gas is too. the body can cause belching.
If mengidamkan actually a bloated stomach is able to be controlled together quickly, then do not suspect for fizzy drinks should be avoided.

4. chamomile tea
On Teh content of chamomile flowers in it acts as have anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic, where its benefits to cause organ in the abdomen so comfortable.
therefore in the event of a bloated stomach, then you are able to make a cup of tea of chamomile flowers, and then being able to combined with one spoon of honey, which is beneficial to relieve a bloated stomach, that case was able to comfortably back.

5. Consume orange juice
Orange turns out to include being able to play a role in handling the case cold, where citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, can be beneficial to increase the body's immune and also handle the case cold towards the stomach. By consuming oranges then beneficial to handle the cold.

6. With papaya leaves
To do so, along with boiled papaya leaves, then drink water rebusannya when it is warm (not hot).
On papaya leaves bitter taste there, beneficial to handle the incoming wind cause flatulence.
If you are not strong along with bitterness, then being able to give a little extra honey against the natural herb.

7. Shun food and cold drinks when flatulence
Cold usually lasts because there is a temperature around the environment became very cold.
It's important to avoid food and drinks cold, and very able to cause cold.
Conversely, if the abdomen becomes bloated, then that is recommended is to consume foods that warm-warm.

8. create a regular eating pattern
Quite a long empty stomach including capable so cause the body so it is very easy to enter the wind, where Eve can meet an empty stomach.
So it's important to keep eating three meals a day, i.e. towards the morning, noon and night.

9. Wear a jacket or ride time night time
If you are outside, all the more mengidamkan time carrying out travel long distances, especially repeated along with driving motor, then it is important to use a thick Jacket uses avoid cold case, the risky cause flatulence.

10. White water
Why White? because along with many consume water white whole disposal process helped poison in substance in the body.
When the body of a shortage of the liquid, then the body can retain water, that causes the stomach can become full.
So don't forget to avidly drinking plain water.

11. Peppermint

There are deposits of oil of Peppermint on menthol, which act as anti-spasmodic, where peppermint was able to reduce any discomfort when flatulence.
You were able to chew fresh peppermint leaves are beneficial to handle the case of flatulence.

12. Move after eating
After dinner together with our mengidamkan usually causes the full, relax or more rebahan in the mattress (this is dangerous).
Avoid the subject because so that digestion is able to smoothly and the metabolism of the body work together very well, recommended to move (not the sport running) for 10 minutes after a meal.
Move after eating is beneficial to reduce the pile of gas in the digestive tract.
The habit of going to bed after eating a result which is not good for our fitness, not only that including a protruding belly cause so.

13. Lemon is able to treat flatulence. Here's how: juicing lemons, using water to cause the drinks along with warm water, and consumption.

14. The Onion include being able to help in treating flatulence. How, first of all grated red onion to taste. Then mix in the grated onion along with the telon oil (or eucalyptus oil). Then, attach this herb in a member of the navel.

15. sweet warm tea is able to handle a bloated stomach, style tea should be consumed is green tea or black tea. You are able to give additional lemon juice, along with a mixture of one tablespoon honey.

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